Who are the real winners on Super Sunday?

The Steelers? The Packers? Nope. It's the thousands of people whose lives will be inspired thanks to your gift to the Federation Annual Campaign. Giving the federated way makes a real difference in this community and around the world. There's an old Jewish proverb which says, "If charity cost nothing, the world would be full of philanthropists." We all know that the world is really full of people in need. Giving isn't always easy, but it is up to those of us who can to help those who are unable. Whether it's youth education, elderly care, connection with Israel or eradicating hunger, a contribution to the Federation annual campaign is the one gift that does it all. So this Sunday, when the phone rings, become part of a caring, compassionate community that unites in good times and bad to take care of each other and to celebrate Jewish life together.


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