Looking forward and back

With my time as YLD Chair quickly coming to a close, I've had a chance to take stock of what has been accomplished over the last three years and how solid the foundation is so that the next three years can be even better. One of the things that I had hoped to build through YLD was a better community connection to Israel and a re-framing of the discussion when it comes to our homeland in the Middle East. This month has been a great example of the success of this effort. For the first time, Israel was represented at the World of Nations Celebration here in Jacksonville. Our wonderful booth was packed with school children, families and interested visitors each getting a hands-on feel for what today's Israel is all about. Thank you to the incredible volunteers who made this happen and spent their time conveying the joy of Israel to the masses.
And coming up May 22 is the Israeli Amazing Race, a fun afternoon filled with games and challenges leading up to the community Israel Independence Day celebration. You can sign up by going to our new social media site jfedcommunity.org and clicking on the "Events" tab at the top.


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