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ROBERT OATES Thursday 23 July 7pm BST
Getting senior birders travelling

• Robert was born in 1952 and grew up in the countryside north of London, England. At the age of
eleven years he had his first pair of binoculars for Christmas and has been a keen birder ever
since. Robert quit his first career in government service to pursue his passion for nature. A
second career in conservation included spells with RSPB and WWF-UK, culminating as the CEO
of Thames Rivers Trust. That career took Robert around the world to work on river restoration
and wetland creation projects in Europe, China, India, Malaysia, and Colombia. On those travels
he was lucky enough to see 1,491 bird species. After retiring from paid work in 2014, Robert
travelled as much as possible to see more birds. His book ‘Grey-haired Global Birding’ about
those travels was published in February 2020 in the Amazon Bookstore. All profits from the
book will be donated to the Birdlife International ‘Preventing Extinctions Programme’.

• Robert’s big interest now is how to get more senior birders travelling again to revive the eco-
tourism industry on which many bird species rely for survival.

• Robert Oates the grey-haired global birder
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