JEWnited brings together local Jewish teens

Q&A with Zoe Mail

Q: What is the goal of the JEWnited?

A: The goal is to bring together Jewish teens from all across Jacksonville and Northeast Florida and help them feel more connected to the community. It is also a way for Jewish teens from different areas to meet each other.

Q: How does it differ from teen programs like NCSY, USY and JSU?

A: This differs from other programs in that it is inclusive to everyone and is not specific to a school or synagogue. While youth group is meant for Jews who already know each other to get together, our event is about meeting people and becoming more involved in the broader Jewish community.

Q: Who is it intended for?

A: Our event is intended for all Jewish high schoolers in Jacksonville, no matter their Jewish background.

Q: What activities will the upcoming event include?

A: The September 8 event will consist of fun ice breakers for people to get to know each other, followed by group activities/competitions to encourage camaraderie. We will be putting the teens with people they don’t know.

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