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News Submissions

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Each magazine will have 2-3 feature articles that will pertain to the theme of the month. A feature article will be assigned to a different partner agency each month so each agency has a chance to be featured.

The Community section features our local Jewish community news. These articles should be noteworthy news items that happened recently.

The L’dor V'dor - generation to generation - section features articles and photos about youth, education, family, and elder care. Spotlights on Lions of Judah and Foundation news can be found in this section as well.

“Worth the Schlep” - is a detailed chronological event listing of the upcoming months. Please submit a photo (or clipart) that pertains to the event.

We want to publish your family's favorite recipe! The Nosh on This section features recipes from members of our community.

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!! This section features event photos, captions, and event recaps.

Spotlights on local Jewish owned businesses and their successes.

Inspiration from a faith perspective from our local Jewish leaders. Please use this form if you are the leader assigned to this column this month.