26 2021

7:00pm Virtual LiterArture: Keep Calm & Classically Bound

Virtual LiterARTure: Keep Calm & Classically Bound

May 26, 2021 at 7pm EST


When all else fails, well, be British. Cindy Edelman and Stacey Goldring go full-classic with Union Jack because a cup of tea solves everything.

Book: Middlemarch                               George Eliot, 1871

Artwork: Awakening Conscience           William Holman Hunt,1853


LiterARTure explores how the visual arts and literature influence and reflect our culture.

Created by art lecturer Cindy Edelman and writer, Stacey Goldring, LiterARTure surveys how the visual arts and literature offer enriching bridges and endless opportunities to understand and appreciate one another.

The discussions are information-packed, thought-provoking and peppered with a healthy dose of wit!

LiterARTure programs are presented in partnership with the Cummer Museum of Art in Jacksonville, Florida. In-Person event registration TBA.

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