20 2022

4:00 PM, Beth El, Not your Ordinary Passover (Yes, it's a food event)

4:00PM - 6:00PM  

Breakout your taste-buds from the usual Passover food and try something different this year!

In this session we will all bring a Passover dish to share: it can be new and gourmet, traditional from ‘the old country’ (for us that might mean Brooklyn..or Minsk). Be brave and make something you always wanted to make and here you have some willing taters. 

We’ll have some modern ‘kosher for passover’ wines to sample as well.

So – Bring your Dish Discuss your inspiration (Culture)

  • Traditional: charoset? Matza balls? Chicken soup-off? Chopped liver?
  • Modern: flourless chocolate cake? Sephardic jeweled rice?

We will create an on-line archive for the dishes brought so that they can be easily re-created at home

Cost $10 / person