16 2023

Deli Nite is back at Temple Bet Yam


Temple Bet Yam 2055 Wildwood Dr.
St. Augustine, FL

Contact Jacqueline Witte


After two years, our famous stuffed corned beef, pastrami or turkey sandwiches are BACK! Those crazy kids on the Ways and Means Committee are driving down to Deerfield Beach in South Florida to pick up authentic New York deli corned beef and pastrami from Kline Meats. Their deli meat is outstanding!

 Dinner - In addition to the corned beef and pastrami, we are once again offering roast turkey and veggie sandwiches. For the low price of $32 you'll get a stuffed sandwich, cole slaw, potato salad, sour pickles, beverages and dessert. We will also be selling meat and rye bread at the end of the night as usual. 

We hope you can join us at the temple for this event on Thursday evening, February 16 beginning at 6 PM. The deadline for registering is Monday, February 6th.  Contact Carol Levy at (954)895-7332 for info and to register.

Entertainment-As with all of our Ways and Means events, this is a fundraiser. TBY put the "fun" in fundraiser! Eat a classic deli sandwich while enjoying our resident (and fun) magician, Bill Rosenthal, who is developing a new act for this event. We hope to see you there!