The Israel Partnership Program sponsors many different exchange programs for members of our Jewish community.  There is truly something for everyone. 


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Each summer our communities send American teens to travel through Israel with their Israeli peers.  They visit Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea and many interesting and meaningful sites in and around the region of Hadera-Eiron.  The Americans are housed in families and instantly feel the unique experience of not being a tourist but instead being an Israeli.


Following the visit to Israel, the American teens reciprocate a similar yet very different experience here in Jacksonville.  Israeli teens arrive and live in families here for two weeks, working in our day camps and experiencing life as an American.  The American and Israeli teens work and share fun activities learning about life in the United States.


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During alternating years, we send teachers to learn and exchange ideas with teachers in the Hadera-Eiron region.  Our American educators learn about the Israeli school system and visit with teachers and classrooms and even teach a lesson or two about a topic of interest to them.  During their visit, the educators tour in the region and learn about the history and culture of the Israeli people.  Side trips are offered for visits to Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea.


During the following year, Israeli educators visit us here in Jacksonville.  They work closely with teachers in our community to learn about the American school system.  These educators teach lessons about Israel in the different classrooms they visit and they also learn more about our Jacksonville community. Home hospitality is an integral part of these programs.  It makes each educator instantly feel a part of the community they are visiting.

Emergency Professionals:


Our Israel Partnership group is proud to sponsor exchanges with both firefighters and medical professionals who meet with their counterparts in Israel and the United States to share best practices and approaches to performing their jobs. 


Firefighters have shared stories and procedures. Medical professionals have shared procedures and methods that exist to best treat patients.