Teen Testimonials

Short essays from local teens who have participated in the Tikkun Olam exchange and other programs offered by Israel Partnership.

Jacksonville teen explores Israel with Federation's help

          Sabrina Mail, 2015


            This past July, I walked into an unfamiliar house, knowing that it would be my home for the next two weeks. I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely would have not expected how quickly I became comfortable with the house and the…

Israel Partnership: Lasting friendships made from Tikkun Olam

Aaron Abel, 2012


Tikkun Olam. Healing the world. Making connections to the state of Israel. Although I went to amazing places like Masada and the Dead Sea in Israel this summer, living with an Israeli family and experiencing their way of life was the most meaningful experience for me. M…

Partnership helps teen find her roots

Levana Osher, 2013


I recently participated in the Israel Partnership Exchange Program through the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville. I spent two weeks in Israel. I had a three-day break and then welcomed the teens from Israel to Jacksonville. I believe this program is great and amazing…