Talking to our college-age children

A message to share with our college-age young people:

As the young members of the community return to campus this fall, they may be confronted with anti-Israel messages. We want to reach out to our kids and provide them with information they can use to respond in a knowledgeable way.

Some frequently asked questions were prepared by our national organization, as part of the Israel Action Network. Additional information may be found here.

All Federations fund this effort to confront the attempts at delegitimizing Israel. This particular piece addresses the crisis this summer.

We encourage everyone to share this with their children.

As you see, it is thorough. Some of the most salient points are:  

  • Over the course of the past 10 years Hamas has fired more than 13,000 rockets into Israel.
  • This summer, nearly 4,000 rockets have been fired indiscriminately at Israel.
  • Israel uses rockets to protect its children, while Hamas uses children to protect rockets.
  • Israel eliminated more than 30 tunnels that Hamas built to carry out massive terrorist attacks against Israel. Would any country in the world condone this?
  • Our government has condemned Hamas and clearly recognizes them as a terrorist organization.
  • No member of the Arab League of Nations supports Hamas.
  • Imagine what might take place if Hamas allowed the people of Gaza to live in freedom and enjoy a normal life.

Thank you for your cooperation in sharing this with our college-age youth and other members of the community.

Shabbat Shalom,
Alan Margolies
Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Jacksonville


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