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Donor Advised Funds

The David & Carrie Bielski Family Foundation
The Block Family Donor Advised Fund
The Howard and Esther Borer Donor Advised Fund
The Laverne & Andrew Cantor Donor Advised Fund
The Helen & Michael DuBow Donor Advised Fund
The Eaglstein Donor Advised Fund
The Jonathan Edelman Donor Advised Fund
The Matthew & Susan Edelman Donor Advised Fund
The Helene S Edwards Donor Advised Fund
The Jeff & Mary Edwards Donor Advised Fund
The Len & Judy Elikan Donor Advised Fund
The Fraden Family Charitable Fund
The Melvyn & Beverly Fruit Donor Advised Fund
The Godsey Family Fund
The Jeff & Doris Goldstein Donor Advised Fund
The Gottlieb Family Donor Advised Fund
The Mark & Nancy Green Donor Advised Fund
The Leslie E. Held Philanthropic Fund
The Herman Family Fund
The Bruce & Edith Horovitz Donor Advised Fund
The Jacobs Family Foundation
The Sylvia & Andrew Jaffa Donor Advised Fund
The Pepi Kahn Donor Advised Fund
The Lawrence & Kathy Kanter Philanthropic Fund of the JCF
The Morton & Delores Kesler Donor Advised Fund
The Kitay Family Fund
The Kleiner Family Fund
The Iris and Mark Kraemer Family Donor Advised Fund
The Joan & H. Ronald Levin Family Foundation
The Levine Family Donor Advised Fund
The Peter Ben Levy & Kim Glasgal Donor Advised Fund
The Michael & Deanna Lissner Endowment Fund
The Marc & Sheri Litt Donor Advised Fund
The Harry & Sylvia Livingston Donor Advised Fund
The Leonardo & Lynn Maiman Donor Advised Fund
The David & Monique Miller Family Fund
The Dr. Ed & Judy Mizrahi Donor Advised Fund
The Nussbaum Family Donor Advised Fund
The Pollak Becker Family Fund
The Rein Family Donor Advised Fund
The Jennifer M. Rensch Donor Advised Fund
The Rickoff Family Fund
The Rittenberg Family Donor Advised Fund
The Alan & Ellen Rosner Donor Advised Fund
The Rostholder Family Donor Advised Fund
The Nancy R. Rushing Donor Advised Fund
The Mitzi Saul Charitable Fund
The Selevan Family Donor Advised Fund
The Sherman Family Donor Advised Fund
The Mark & Beth Shorstein Donor Advised Fund
The Shpeen-Feist Family Fund
The Silverman Family Donor Advised Fund
The Kimberly & Richard Sisisky Family Foundation
The Kelleher Smith Family Donor Advised Fund
The David A. Stein Family Foundation Donor Advised Fund
The Seeman Zimmerman Donor Advised Fund
The Barry & Eunice Zisser Donor Advised Fund

Endowment Funds

The Isabel Balotin Endowment Fund
The Ronald Cohen Endowment Fund
The Coplan & Goldman Families JCA Camp Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Mia DelPrince Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Linda DuBow Beautification Fund

The Matthew Edelman Endowment Fund
The Walter Field Endowment Fund
The Sol & Hilda Goldman Early Childhood Scholarship Fund

The Risa Herman Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
The Heroes Among Us Endowment Fund
The Horovitz Family Endowment Fund
The Roslyn and Elliott Horovitz Endowment Fund
The Jaffa Family Endowment Fund
The Meta Grace Keebler Memorial Endowment Fund
The David A. Kossak & R. Courtney Gullet Endowment Fund
The Lessons of the Holocaust Endowment Fund
The Jewish Grant Fund
The Jewish Foundation Endowment
The National Council of Jewish Women Endowment Fund

The Susan and Mitchell Levine Endowment Fund for Jewish Education

The Levine Family Endowment Fund
The Beverly Marcuse & Loris Katten Levy Memorial Endowment Fund

The Sidney and Jeanette Lewis Endowment Fund

The Alan Margolies Israel Experience Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Marsh Family Endowment Fund
The Marilyn Mass Endowment Fund

The Monique Miller Lion of Judah Endowment Fund

The Joseph and Dorothy Mizrahi Family Endowment Fund
The Drs. Michael & Sue Weinstein-Nussbaum JCF Endowment Fund

The Neil Presser Endowment Fund

The RE:Mind Fund for Mental Health

The Alan and Jerry Robbins Endowment Fund
The Leon and Lois Robins Endowment Fund

The Jeanine and Dr. Chaim Rogozinski Family Fund
The Rostholder Family Endowment Fund
The Joe P. Safer Endowment Fund

The Serve Love Endowment Fund
The Leonard Setzer Endowment Fund
The Setzer Family Endowment Fund
The Stephen & Judith Silverman Endowment Fund

The Dr. Roy and Irene Sloat Endowment Fund

The Irene Sloat Lion of Judah Endowent Fund
The Slutsk Jewish Community Reclamation Endowment Fund
The Michael L. Solloway, M.D. Endowment Fund

The Arnold and Phyllis Vandroff Family Endowment Fund


Point of Interest Funds

The Michael Donziger Legacy Leader Award Fund

The DuBow Preschool Education Fund

The EPIC Fund
The Martin J. Gottlieb Day School Education Fund

The Kenny Kraemer Community Unity Fund

The Jack Mizrahi Jewish Education Fund

The Together Strong Community Fund


Partner Agency Funds

The Beth El-The Beaches Synagogue Endowment Fund

Etz Chaim Endowment Fund

Etz Chaim Building Fund

The LJD Endowment Fund for JFCS

The Myron Flagler Israel Learning Seminar Endowment Fund

Jewish Federation Endowment Fund

Jacksonville Jewish Center Endowment Fund

Jewish Community Alliance Endowment Fund

JFCS Charities Endowment Fund

The Sue and Ned Price Endowment Fund

River Garden Hebrew Home Endowment Fund

The Rostholder Family L'Dor V'Dor Endowment Fund

The Dan and Rachel Sandler Family Endowment Fund

Temple Endowment Fund

Temple Capital Campaign Endowment Fund

Temple Cemetery Endowment Fund

Temple Galinsky Endowment Fund

Temple Korman Youth Endowment Fund

Temple Life Membership Endowment Fund

The Hirschberg Trust Fund for Temple

Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Endowment Fund


Lion of Judah Endowments

Sue Eaglstein
Debbie Gottlieb

Risa Herman
Allison Jacobs
Irene Jaffa
Barbara Jaffe
Iris Kraemer
Dr. Ilene Levenson

Joan Levin
Susan Levine
Marilyn Mass

Monique Miller
Debbie Parker
Jennifer Plotkin

Barbara Resnick
Kim Robbins

Jeanine Rogozinski
Dr. Emily Rostholder

Diane Rothstein
Debra Setzer
Judy Silverman

Kimberly Sisisky

Irene Sloat z"l
Kellie Kelleher-Smith

Haley Trager
Phyllis Vandroff z"l
Stacie Wilf
Brenda Wolchok

Eunice Zisser